About author and site creation

non medical senior care assisstance

“Providing non-medical care to our aging senior population is one of of the most rewarding ways that we can help in our communities” Danielle Foley 

Wise Caregiving business creation and this site development came directly from related private caregiving experience, and several years of non medical senior care business experience.

The creator of Wise Caregiving Danielle began her journey as a private caregiver in fall of 2007. Danielle grew up in the suburbs of Montreal, and from a very young age Danielle had a strong desire to be around seniors while visiting her Grandparents in senior residences. At a time when “nursing homes” were not quite as nice or glamorous, all Danielle could see was room after room of seniors that she wanted to spend time with and hear stories from their lifetime. 

She finally decided to follow her career path to help seniors at the age of 30 after several years of being a professionally trained baker. She wasn’t sure how she could best serve Montreal seniors, had no formal training, however she knew it would somehow fall in place with experience and time. 

After persistent posting on free classified sites, and responses to job posts, one senior client quickly turned into 2 clients, and then her schedule filled up with 5 seniors whom she helped on a long term routine basis. In 2011, Danielle enjoyed it so much that she decided to take it to the next level and incorporate. She knew she had found her calling and realized she could be of real value and service to the local senior community.  

Through Wise Caregiving Danielle has the opportunity to share her knowledge and expertise in the private senior home care/home support service area. The idea is to inform, teach, support new caregivers worldwide, so that more seniors get the help the need. 

Besides creating content and digital products, Danielle continues to work to meet the needs of seniors requiring non-medical home support. She also works side by side with the people in charge of her senior clients care, health care professionals, and trustees to ensure the daily and long-term care needs are met at the highest standards. 

Danielle welcomes you to the site and hopes that you will find the help that you need to start a senior care business, to help with an existing care business, or if you are a family member who is looking to hire a private caregiver. Feel free to reach out directly to Danielle anytime!