How and where to advertise senior care services offline

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Top locations in your community to advertise caregiver services

  • Bulletin boards 

  • Local library

  • Grocery store 

  • Dr. Offices / Medical Clinics / Hospital

  • Church

  • Beauty service establishments

  • Medical equipment stores

  • Small private airports for private planes and jets

*Try to find out where your potential family member of the senior(s) are spending time and then make it easy for them to spot you and the caregiver services that you are offering.

Create a referral plan and collaborate with trades people who deal with the family members of seniors that you are trying to reach. Offering a referral fee cash bonus for new clients that sign up for your care services can be very effective.

Approach people in trades that you personally or professionally have had good experiences with, and explain to them that you are a caregiver providing daily care services to seniors in their home or senior residences. Simply ask if they would mind sending potential customers to you in exchange for a referral. No harm in asking.

Here are some key professionals who deal directly with seniors or the family members of seniors

Reach out and letting people know who you are and what services you are offering to seniors. Work closely with professionals who see your private care business as a great value to offer to their clients. 

  • Bank trustees
  • Optometrists that visit residences
  • Beauticians that work in residences
  • Hairdressers that work in residences
  • Hearing aid specialists
  • Senior day centers: contact volunteer groups in the community. Speak with the group organizers.
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Designers (Interior)
  • Renovators (Carpenters)
  • Insurance brokers
  • Financial advisers
  • Notary offices
  • Lawyers
  • Landscape artists
  • Snow removal
  • Family support groups of seniors who suffer from dementia

*All the people in the professions mentioned above often deal directly with seniors, and know where they live and what extra assistance they could benefit from.

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