Caregiver background check

Follow through with the caregiver background check

A caregiver background check is a simple process worth the time and effort

caregiver background check

The criminal check and driving record applications can be filled out and submitted for review at a local police station. It requires only basic information such name, sex, and date of birth of the potential caregiver.(i.e. Social Insurance/Security  number, maiden name). It may take some time to process the criminal background check and come with a cost.

Rules and background check locations may vary but your best start point will be at the police station. The officers will be able to direct you to the right places in order to carry out a caregiver background check.

For caregivers who actively seek work it is good practice to already have these forms complete and up to date. Be ready to send them and it might make the decision to hire you a simple one

  1. Criminal Record

  2. Driving Record

  3. Medical Condition of Caregiver

Driving record
You may request a driving record check on another individual for a fee by providing all names used by the individual including maiden name.

Medical Condition of Caregiver
Should you decide the caregiver to have a medical examination before the first day of his/her shift with the senior you should pay for the physical and lab testing to find out if any contagious diseases are present or if the caregiver tests positive for drug use. The caregiver should have the doctor sign a medical history form, indicating that the individual is free of any physical disabilities that would prevent them from performing their duties.

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