Good caregiver communication with family of senior client is an essential part of your caregiver business

communication with family

Caregiver communication with the family of a senior client who requires care services, is the second most important part of your caregiver position, the first is the quality care that you provide for the senior.

The family is always curious to know how the care is going on a daily basis, and if the caregiving services are being provided as they were originally discussed.

Senior care business templates includes a job description template which is extremely valuable to a family member. These caregiver business forms clearly outline the on the job expectations from both the private caregiver and the family members of the senior loved one(s). Having expectations of your job duties in writing does add a level of professionalism, and provides so much comfort for the family.

It is extremely important as the family private caregiver to send regular emails, or call the family member in charge of care from time to time. It is important to update the family on your general observations, or any changes in the senior’s mental or physical state.

It is important in your caregiver business to always let the family know any extra initiatives you have been taking to add value to their senior loved ones life. Caregiver communication with the family is one of the biggest key factors in order to maintain a positive, and long lasting relationship between you and the family.

Care Bundle Pack

How to Start a senior care business-guide book cover-wise caregiving

how to start a senior care business guide table of contents-preview

How to start a senior care business guide includes templates: 

  • Templates
    • Senior care quote template
    • Caregiver job description template
    • Terms of senior care service agreement
    • Senior client information form
    • Daily care journal
    • Housekeeping Checklist
    • Personal hygiene chart
    • Senior care invoice template
    • Yearly tax receipt for senior care services template

    If you plan to hire caregivers to work under your company, you will need the following:

    • Hiring caregiver checklist
    • Application form
    • Pre-interview questionnaire
    • Caregiver Interview questions
    • Reference questionnaire
    • Caregiver employment agreement

    Both the word documents as well as the Excel spreadsheets can be altered, added too or parts removed. Customize all these documents and forms to fit your exact business model.

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