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Good communication with the family of a senior client is an essential part of any caregiver business!

communication with family

Caregiver communication with the family of a senior client who requires care services, is the second most important part of your caregiver position, the first is the quality care that you provide for the senior.

The family is always curious to know how the care is going on a daily basis, and if the caregiver business services are being provided as promised.

Good communication is extremely valuable, and provides so much comfort for the family. A great way to stay in touch is virtually, especially if your senior client does not live in close proximity to their family. 

FREE Virtual Meeting Software

virtual meeting-wise caregiving

  • Select your FREE meeting platform (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout) and do a test meeting with someone. With zoom you can do a test with yourself
  • It is very important that  your computer connection is stable
  • Check that your audio is working and that you do not get any feedback or echo sounds.
  • Test the connection before the call, and set up a simple, clean (uncluttered) background, and where your senior clients will be most comfortable. 
  • Set up the video chat at least 30 mins to 1 hour before your scheduled meeting.
  • Enjoy the happiness that surrounds you on the call-you made this happen!:)

It is also important that you to send regular emails, or call the family member in charge of care from time to time and have a one on one chat to update each other. This is a great time to let the family know your overall general observations, or any recent changes in the senior’s mental or physical state.

When the opportunity presents itself let the family know what extra initiatives you or your care workers have been taking to add value to their senior loved one(s) life. Good and effective communication with the family of your senior client(s) is will be one of the determining factor to the success of your caregiver business. 

If you are just reading this and just in the process of contemplating starting a senior care business as an independent caregiver, or an agency then you may find the ‘How to Start a Senior Care Business’  very useful. This guide will give you a well rounded view of what is involved in becoming a business owner and how to get it off the ground and running. Included with the guide are all the senior care business templates you will need.

Start a senior care

how to start a senior care business guide and templates-TOC

Templates Included with Guide: 

📂 Senior client intake form
📂 Senior care information form
📂 Senior Fall risk assessment form
📂 Home care quote
📂 Caregiver job description
📂 Home care service agreement
📂 Caregiver visit report
📂 Senior housekeeping chart
📂 Senior hygiene care chart
📂 Senior care invoice
📂 Hire caregiver checklist
📂 Caregiver employment application
📂 Pre-interview caregiver questionnaire
📂 Caregiver interview questionnaire
📂 Caregiver reference check questionnaire
📂 Caregiver employment agreement
📂 Caregiver employment contract
📂 Need caregiver post template
📂 Home care tax receipt
📂 COVID-19 Senior visit health form
📂 Senior transport agreement
📂 Home care competitor questionnaire
📂 Home care bookkeeping checklist
📂 Senior home Safety Checklist (private home/residence)
🆕 Weekly Food and Hydration Chart

Senior Care Templates-Instruction-wise caregiving