Get off to a great start with this caregiver employment agreement template

caregiver employment agreement template

Discuss your terms and sign a caregiver employment agreement with your new private caregiver. This will provide a solid start to your working relationship.

Wise Caregiving covers all the basis with this tailored caregiver employment agreement form. This template can be customized to your exact senior care requirements, its use is limitless and it creates a more secure working relationship with your private caregiver.

caregiver employment agreement

caregiver employment agreement template

When it comes time to communicate with your potential caregiver about your next required step, you can bring up that you would be more comfortable moving forward, if the your verbal mutual agreement regarding job requirements and description be put in writing.


Ideally you will have a caregiver employment agreement in place before the first shift begins.

The current caregiver agreement template includes in writing the days of the week you need the caregiver to work, the amount of hours you need per shift, wage/flat rate/salary, and anything additional that was agreed upon during the caregiver interview.

Any and all concerns should be brought up at this point such as; holidays, vacations, sick days, and personal days. You should be clear about your policy for absences or lateness. Discuss with your caregiver the sufficient amount of time to be notified if either of you need to cancel a visit.

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Hire a Private Caregiver Kit includes a detailed employment agreement as well as a simple format, see the preview of the documents here.