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Be your best self but remain true to who you are. Family members who are looking for additional  private caregiving services will be very thorough, and have an extra layer of caution for a very good reason.

Here are some things to keep in mind in your caregiver interview which has a tendency of being more personal than a standard interview. The first meeting is crucial in terms of first impression, and to see if a future working relationship is possible. You will need to get across to potential employer the advantages of dealing with one private caregiver, ‘you’ can also provide the same convenient caregiving services of a homecare agency. 

***Prepare yourself for some questions regarding your positive attributes and how you could apply them to assisting a senior.

Present yourself in business attire even though the job may in most cases only require everyday clothing/scrubs. This will give you a competitive advantage among the caregiver candidates. Stand out by putting the extra time into looking your best and demonstrate how seriously you take the opportunity of providing care. Even go as far to collect a few opinions on your outfit and listen to the feedback having that outside viewpoint is an excellent source to successful first impressions.

10 ways in order to ace the caregiver interview in person or virtually

  1. Be punctual
  2. Presentable- professional attire
  3. Smile- expresses warmth and compassion
  4. Eye contact when speaking or being spoken to
  5. Firm handshake-strength of Character (New social methods due to Covid-19)
  6. Good manners- https://www.wikihow.com/Have-Good-Manners
  7. Listen carefully
  8. Discuss what the primary needs of senior are
  9. Find out what the most important needs of the family are
  10. Wrap up-Show respect for family members/trustees time

If you arrive first in your agreed upon public place (security first), find the quietest and most private place available. When the senior’s family member arrives this is when you get to display your manners. Make sure to stand when he/she arrives and allow your potential employer to sit first. Remember to extend yourself and offer the family member something to drink/eat. He/She may insist to treat you in which case you can accept but keep your order to the simplest item i.e. small coffee.

Due to Covid -19 you may be doing this interview over Skype. All the guidance and tips still apply for a virtual call.  This is your chance to show a family member, or person in charge of senior’s care an idea into who you are on a personal level. Who doesn’t like getting a glimpse into someone else’s world. 

  • Select your FREE meeting platform (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout) and do a test meeting with someone. With zoom you can do a test with yourself

  • It is very important that  your computer connection is stable
  • Check that your audio is working and that you do not get any feedback or echo sounds.
  • Test the connection before the call, and set up a simple, clean (uncluttered) background and then add some interest (color, plant, nice object etc) for the viewer. A background can say a lot about a person so be mindful of that before your virtual call.
  • Set up the video chat at least 1 hour before. sometimes passwords get misplaced, and something as simple as a phone code not being found can really throw you off your game and affect your interview.
  • Be presentable and well groomed-same as though you are in person
  • Make sure you are on time

Start your caregiver interview with a show of gratitude for their valuable time to meet with you. Make sure to have a notepad and pen, the family member will appreciate that the details matter to you. You can lead the conversation by opening up with “so we are here to discuss how hiring a caregiver for [name of /relation to senior] …”

The next step is the most important as the family member is opening up and trusting you with sensitive information. You must listen to what is said and not said; observe body language and tone to determine where your caregiving services can be most useful.

family member interviews caregiver

At this point in your caregiver interview it is likely that the family member is leaning toward hiring you based on a few things; your initial communication skills over the internet and phone, first impression of you in person, your manners, and how you well you listened. They are closely observing how this interview could be translated into how you will care for their senior loved one(s).

It is how the family member feels when they are with you during your caregiver interview that is most important. You should keep your feeler detector on to make sure the family member is comfortable in your short time spent together. Think back to an interview where you could have improved the outcome of a conversation by using your instincts a bit better. If they feel off about something it is your job to determine what it is and get back on track. 

Your honesty, transparency and your willingness to answer all the questions asked are really valuable during this interview, it will help the family member with two things;

  1. See if both you and the senior are a good match
  2. Provide ease to potential employer to discuss the care needs of the senior(s).

Try to obtain a few details about the senior in your caregiver interview such as;

  • Where they grew up
  • Siblings
  • Spouse
  • Career
  • Interests 

Thank the family member again for their valuable time to meet with you. If the family member wants you to meet their senior loved one(s) they will be eager to arrange a second meeting, no need to ask to meet with the senior. The pressure is not necessary. 

Good luck and remember to make eye contact and smile. For more tips go to indeed career guide

Caregiver Interview

Our guide will take you through the steps to start your own caregiving business for seniors:

How to start a senior care business-templates-wise caregiving


senior care business templates-free with purchase-wise caregiving

Templates Included: 

If you plan to hire caregivers to work under your company, you will need all of the following templates:

  • Senior information form
  • Fall risk assessment tool 🆕
  • Senior care quote template
  • Caregiver job description template
  • Terms of senior care service agreement
  • Daily care journal
  • Housekeeping Checklist
  • Personal hygiene chart
  • Senior care invoice template
  • Yearly tax receipt for senior care services template
  • Hiring caregiver checklist
  • Application form
  • Pre-interview questionnaire
  • Caregiver interview questions ✅
  • Reference questionnaire
  • Caregiver employment agreement

Both the word documents as well as the Excel spreadsheets can be altered, added too or parts removed. Customize all these documents and forms to fit your exact senior care business.

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