Why is a caregiver job description so important?

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A caregiver job description provides detailed information about the senior’s daily routines, and what is expected of the caregiver while on duty 

This caregiver job description template can be customized and tailor to specific senior care needs, and provide a clear picture of what the caregiver job expectations will be. The simple act of putting the job requirements in writing lends assurance and clarity for all parties involved. The information gathered in this form will also help to create ease in the first visit with the senior. By having a few key information points the senior will feel a lot more comfortable in this new situation with a new caregiver in their personal space. Keep in mind it takes 2-3 months in order to really get to know a person and how well the new caregiver position will work out. 

Often times one person is left in charge of the seniors care, but in most cases siblings of the person in charge want to be involved, and see what value a hired caregiver will add. Sending a job description to siblings by email is a great way to make them feel involved and on some level a part of the care decisions.

What are some of the non-medical caregiver services available to seniors?

Private caregivers provide personalized care in senior’s home as well as public or private residences.

  • Outings accompanied by caregiver (restaurants, museums, library, movie, theater, ballet, opera, weddings, funerals,  festivals, religious services, scenic drive etc.)
  • Groceries (assistance in the grocery store; selection, carry bags)
  • Errands (pharmacy shopping, bank, etc.)
  • Appointments (Doctor, Optometrist, Dentist, Specialists, Hairdresser, Podiatrist, beauty salon & spa, etc.)
  • Housekeeping (keep house clean and tidy, laundry,  keep mail organized)
  • Bathing & Grooming (bath/shower, shaving, cleaning teeth/dentures, assistance with toilet/diapers etc.)
  • Meal Prep (Same day food prep or advanced prep)
  • Exercise with Senior (walk, bike, swim, bowl, golf range, garden etc.)
  • Pet Care (daily walk, change litter, replenish food, water, organize grooming and Veterinary appointments).

Caregiver job description template:

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Caregiver Job Description Form Template-full preview-Hire Private-wise caregiving

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More Value in the Senior Care Packages:

If you are new to hiring a private caregiver?

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Do you plan to start a senior care business?

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Professional Senior Care Business Templates Include:

📂 Senior client intake form
📂 Senior care information form
📂 Senior Fall risk assessment form
📂 Home care quote
📂 Caregiver job description
📂 Home care service agreement
📂 Caregiver visit report
📂 Senior housekeeping chart
📂 Senior hygiene care chart
📂 Senior care invoice
📂 Hire caregiver checklist
📂 Caregiver employment application
📂 Pre-interview caregiver questionnaire
📂 Caregiver interview questionnaire
📂 Caregiver reference check questionnaire
📂 Caregiver employment agreement
📂 Caregiver employment contract
📂 Need caregiver post template
📂 Home care tax receipt
📂 COVID-19 Senior visit health form
📂 Senior transport agreement
📂 Home care competitor questionnaire
📂 Home care bookkeeping checklist
📂 Senior home Safety Checklist (private home/residence)

Are you currently operating a senior care business and need forms?

You can purchase the senior care business templates individually or as a pack.

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