Caregiver Rate (2019)

Determine the Caregiver Rate in your local area and charge accordingly based on what you have to offer.

caregiver rate

Caregiver Rate 

When you are offered to meet a senior you can start to look at drawing up a caregiver service agreement. Make sure to be firm on your rate, know your value based on industry wage amount in your area. If you have any additional services to the average local services offered, then you should know exactly what they are in the event that the family member asks why you charge more in the your caregiver market. (i.e. experience, car, liability insurance, charge account for expenses etc.)

When you start out as a caregiver, take all the jobs you can get at the rate the family is offering.  Soon you can begin to charge more so long as you work towards building your caregiver business through knowledge and professionalism. Day by day on the job and earn the caregiver experience, make sure to keep your expenses low for a while and let your savings rise. Get all the things you need in place to charge more and be one of the best caregiver for seniors available in your area.

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