Caregiver references

Always check your caregiver references

Caregiver references in senior care are essential when planning seniors care

caregiver references

If the caregiver references have something positive or negative to say about their own experience, they will most likely let you know. Speak openly and directly with former caregiver employers, it will give you the peace of mind you need when you decide which caregiver to hire.

Questions to ask references

  • Length of time you know the caregiver?

  • Job responsibilities? 

  • What is your impression of the quality of the work?

  • Do you think he/she is dependable?

  • Does he/she have manners?

  • Does he/she have common sense?

  • Is he/she trustworthy?

  • Any problems/issues? As a result would you rehire this individual?

So you found your perfect caregiver candidate and caregiver references are now complete. The next step is to download the Hire a Private Caregiver Kit.

Included in this kit are all the necessary forms you need in order to protect the senior that will be receiving care.

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