Personalize caregiving services for your senior loved one

What can a private caregiver do for seniors

Caregiving services provides an additional bridge of emotional and physical support for seniors

Seniors want to feel connected to what matters most to them

Caregiving services can really benefit a senior in several different ways. Every senior is unique and has their own set of essential needs that have to be met, as well as what they want on a daily basis. Some seniors want to get out and about with a caregiver present in order to socialize and stay active in the community, while other seniors find comfort in being home and enjoy having a caregiver present for companionship. 

Routine caregiver visits

To have a private caregiver visit 1 to 3 times a week can really assist a senior to keep a good routine, stay active mentally and physically, see and experience new things that will add to the overall quality of their life. A caregiver can represent a feeling of hope to a senior, and a reason to get up each day and feel cared for. 

Here are some the personalized caregiving services that can be provided when you hire a private caregiver

Everyday tasks for a senior can be a challenge, and a caregiver can facilitate them and most importantly make them fun again. Even if the task is small it can provide a sense of purpose for a senior. When you hire a quality caregiver that matches well with your loved on(s),  it can be the most single handedly valuable gift that you give to a senior. 

Private caregiving services

Groceries         private caregiver services-grocery shopping

  • Assistance getting to the grocery store or making an online order
          • Everyday chores such as grocery shopping can be overwhelming for seniors. A senior will tend to plan the whole day around a a simple trip to the grocery store. A caregiver can assist with this task and take all the stress out of what may seem like a complicated and draining event.


Private caregiver services-errandsErrands

  • Accompany senior to retail stores, pharmacy, the bank, dry cleaners, the Vet etc




private caregiver services-AppointmentsAppointments

  • Doctor, Optometrist, Dentist, Specialists, Hairdresser, Podiatrist, beauty salon & spa, etc
          • A caregiver can be your set of eyes and ears at an appointment, likewise he/she can request to record audio, or ask the medical professional to send you a summary of findings to you by email.


Private caregiver services-housekeepingHousekeeping

  • Keep the house or room in residence clean and tidy
          • For safety and the health of a senior it is imperative-especially now during COVID-19 to keep a seniors home clean and free of the virus.



Private caregiver services-bathing and grooming assistanceBathing & Grooming

  • Assistance with getting in and out of bath, washing, shaving, cleaning teeth/dentures, assistance with toilet/diapers etc.




private caregiver services-Prepared mealsMeal Prep (Senior meal ideas-click link below)

  • Same day preparation or advanced preparation

caregiving services


private caregiver services-exerciseExercise with Senior 

  • Walking, biking, swimming, bowling, golf range, gardening etc.




private caregiver services-pet carePet Care

  • Daily walks, changing litters, replenishing food, water, organizing grooming and veterinary appointments




senior outing ideas

Senior outings 

  • Dinning, museums, library, movie, theater, ballet, opera, weddings, funerals, gala dinners, festivals, religious services, scenic drive etc.
    • A caregiver can accompany a senior to these activities.

If you are thinking about hiring a private caregiver we offer a complete guide

Hire a private caregiver guide and templates-wise caregiving

Templates included in download: Updated November 2020

  • Hire a private caregiver checklist
  • Caregiver employment application form
  • Caregiver job description form
  • Senior care information form
  • Caregiver employment agreement (long form)
  • Caregiver employment contract (short term)
  • Pre-interview questionnaire 
  • Caregiver interview questionnaire
  • Reference check questionnaire 
  • Caregiver job post sample
  • Daily care journal
  • Housekeeping checklist
  • Personal hygiene chart
  • Senior care invoice 
  • Tax receipt for senior care
  • COVID-19 Screening caregiver form 🆕

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