Definition of Caregiving 


Caregiving is an action. A caregiver is a person who routinely helps others such as seniors with daily tasks that they could otherwise not do for themselves or attempt with great difficulty.

There are 2 categories of caregiving:

Formal and Informal Caregivers

  • Formal caregivers for seniors are paid  in exchange for care services provided.

  • Informal caregivers are family and friends who care for their loved one(s) without compensation.

To be a caregiver for the elderly means you provide emotional support, personal hygiene assistance, housekeeping, transportation and social interaction.

Caregivers lend eyes and ears to family members. In some cases family members do not live in close proximity to their senior loved one(s). Most family members who are a part of the “sandwich generation” are caught between the stresses of caring for their aging parent, as well as their own children and career, and require additional resources to help care for their senior loved one(s). 

Families and Trustees places a lot of trust in the hands of hired private caregivers to provide support, stability and security to the senior needing ongoing assistance.

A private caregivers greatest asset will always be how well he or she communicates and sends regular updates to family members to keep them well informed after each visit, and to alert the family of any obvious changes in behavior or mental state.

Now more than ever caregivers are in demand with the increasingly large aging population. Caregiving is a wonderful additional care option to continue the preferred lifestyle of a senior.

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