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Caregiver Employment Agreement

Ready to use caregiver employment agreement form template Discuss your terms and sign a caregiver employment agreement with your new private caregiver This caregiver employment agreement form can be customized to your exact senior care requirements, its use is limitless and it creates a more secure working relationship with the caregiver you are planning to

best 15 free caregiving advertising sites

Best 15 Free Caregiver Advertising Sites

Most popular free caregiver advertising sites worldwide On each of these free caregiver advertising sites you can create a detailed profile, along with what caregiver services you offer. Likewise, family members who want to hire a private caregiver to help senior loved one can post a job, as well as browse the many profiles of

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Planning Senior Care

Start planning senior care and be ready before you actually need it Do you find yourself caught between the stresses of caring for your aging parent as well as for your own children? If so, you may be a part of the “sandwich generation”. Begin planning senior care for the people you love most in your

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How to Prevent Senior Abuse

What to do if you suspect senior abuse? Senior abuse is not as uncommon as you think, it is our job to protect our seniors Check all of the caregiver references of prospective caregiver applicants. You can help prevent an abusive situation by making sure the caregiver completely understands and knows their caregiver job description.  Most

time to let senior client go

When Should you Let a Senior Client Go?

Is it time to let a senior client go? What most of us hear when it comes to having a caregiver hired for a senior is how it did not work out and the caregiver had to be let go. Let us reverse the roles and try to understand that sometimes it is the caregiver