Hire a private caregiver and fill out these important documents

Important documents when you hire a private caregiver

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When you hire a private caregiver, the best way to protect your senior loved one is to have everything in writing.

Wise Caregiving forms and agreements are user friendly and cover all the important details when you hire a private caregiver.

The Hire a Private Caregiver Docs will demonstrate to your new caregiver that this care position is one that you take very seriously. 



Caregiver application form template:
Custom designed application form to send to potential caregiver candidates. This will help you narrow your caregiver search and find the perfect match.

caregiver employment application-hire a private caregiver



Caregiver job description:
This form is very important to fill out and have on hand after you hire a private caregiver. You have the ability to auto-fill digitally or manually fill out the form.

The major advantage of this form is that it will make the first few visits for both the senior client and caregiver much easier, because of all the detail. Job expectations are clear, and as a result avoid confusion.  By avoiding confusion you can greatly reduce the level of stress.

When a caregiver can enter into a seniors home, and know what to do while visiting really helps the bond get off to a good start.

If certain tasks need to be completed in or around the residence, the senior should not have to describe the details of what to do.

The idea here is for the senior to receive help without 20 questions. A good practice on the first visit would be to take the caregiver yourself around the residence and show them what to do, how to do it, and when to do it in addition to this caregiver description form.

caregiver job description form



Senior care information form template:
A 10 page auto-fill digital document on all the answers you could possibly need in order for your caregiver to provide higher quality care for your senior loved one(s).

You can print out or digitally fill out send and save this form.

Should your caregiver need important information quickly, the digital format of this form can be accessed using a computer, phone or tablet. This is a very useful document in a medical emergency situation, or answering questions during appointments.

Senior care information form template


Caregiver employment agreement:
Protect yourself the same way care agencies do when you hire a private caregiver. 

This agreement clarifies job duties and a schedule to follow when private caregiver services are provided.

This document also covers in writing all fees, expenses, reimbursements, transport of senior,  payment terms, lateness, sick days, vacation, and grounds for terminating service.

Caregiver employment agreement


Basic caregiver employment contract

Basic caregiver employment contract



Senior care invoice:
This invoice is specifically for the senior care  service industry. All digital fields can be added, edited,or removed.

Detailed instructions of invoice and how to modify in download package.

Our technical IT assistant can answer any of your questions by email, and help you with any changes that need to be made with this invoice template.

Caregiver can easily add local tax rates if applicable.

If you are going to hire a private caregiver, this senior invoice template keeps all the senior private caregiver costs in order.

Simply send this downloadable template to your caregiver to use for future billing.

senior care invoice


Yearly Service receipt for senior care:
A simple and organized way for your accountant to see the yearly caregiver service cost incurred throughout the year.

This makes the job of the accountant much simpler, saves time, and easy to enter amount for any senior tax credits. You can send this form to your caregiver to fill out, or complete it yourself.

yearly tax receipt for senior care

Daily care journal



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Job Post sample:Great free bonus form to quickly get you started when you want to hire a private caregiver. This form is very useful and descriptive. Your job post will get noticed on job boards, forms and platforms.
caregiver job posting template

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