Why you need to hire private caregiver for senior residence

Why should anyone need to hire private caregiver for residence when the care is already provided?

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Families who are new to the idea of placing a senior loved one in a senior home need to read this article. To hire a private caregiver for residence where your loved one resides will lend you another set of eyes and ears to pay attention to any signs of neglect or abuse in the senior home.

To begin with, we are always concerned about the well being and security of our senior loved ones, especially when they begin to need additional support at home. You know changes are on the horizon, and start to notice and catch conversations with people talking about what is going on with their parents and the choices they’ve made. More often than not you hear about the negative experience that people had with a residence, rather than a good one. Senior community villages, towers, condos are being built at an alarming fast rate to accommodate what is ahead with our rapidly growing aging population.

The great concern among all people who face placing a loved one in a long term care residence, is if the quality of care promised is the actual care provided.

Long term care residence experiences described as “horrific”, and family members are now voicing concerns and taking action against residences that did not provide the care that was initially promised. This Canadian investigative report shows ultimate fears of neglect and abuse in long term care senior residences. 

Note: Some of these images may disturb you in the news clip

For the most part what private and public residences both have in common is  that is their is a shortage of staff for each shift, and it is affecting the quality and quantity of care. As seen in the W5 investigative report, what the care attendants are asked to do while on a shift and what they can actually accomplish are two different things. Care attendants common complaint in the investigative report is that they do not have enough staff to accommodate the workload, and complain on a regular basis to management yet nothing is done about it.

What if you sign the contract, make the move and it turns out to be not at all what you expected? The cost of living in a residence also has a way of increasing over time and while the increments are small, it adds up over time.

You want to know what all your options are before you sign on the dotted line at the residence of your choice. To move you senior loved one(s) every time you do not like a residence, is not practical and also not the best option. Change is hard enough for seniors, add a little chaos for the family too and you have a stressful situation. 

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What many families do now is hire private caregivers to be more present in the day to day life of a senior loved one. If the cost of the extra care is a main factor, then what most people do is remove the extra residence services, and then direct the funds to hire a caregiver. Private caregivers can perform 90% of the additional services that the residence will charge extra for and not only that, your senior loved one will have a one on one companion. Hire the right caregiver and you can see and feel immediate results,  and drastically reduce or eliminate any fears of neglect or abuse within a senior home. To have a trusted presence beside family is beyond priceless. 

Something worth mentioning too, is that some residences work hand in hand with large home care companies, and offer caregivers from these companies in the senior residence.  Another key point to mention is that the residence care staff become close to the outsourced caregivers and they tend to stick together. With this in mind, to hire a caregiver separate from the residence gives you the opportunity to see the daily issues or situations from a detached stand point, and receive the full details of what your caregiver may see as a concern. Your caregiver has plenty more job security compared to a care attendant of the residence or the caregiver from the home care company, in other words less to lose. Family members have every right to hire a caregiver, and allow them into the residence to be with your loved one 24/7 if that is what you would like.



Just to clarify, you would not be the first to hire a caregiver to work in a residence but you would be among the few families to do so. The initial extra cost is hard to comprehend at first however, if situations in the residence do arise then the cost becomes irrelevant. Generally speaking it is always good to have a back up plan and to be ready if you need to implement the plan.

Ways to offset the cost in order to hire private caregiver for residence. The caregiver can preform all duties which are considered extra costs at a senior home. Private Caregivers provide additional care, caution and take the appropriate time that is needed.  They should also report back to you if anything stands out as unusual.

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Any “extra” services in a residence on top of the base rental cost usually comes at an above average cost.

Very Important: READ THE FINE PRINT when looking at a retirement home.


All things considered you are here and hopefully pick up a few tips or ideas from this article on where to begin or how to go forward from here. Ordinarily a blog post by nature would have a wrap up conclusion and leave you on a note that would satisfy you, and leave you feeling complete. This blog is not going to produce the happy ending you were looking for, but does however shed light on your options.

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It would be wonderful to report that all the long term care senior residence issues have been solved across the globe, that certain standards have been put in place, and that they are being followed, but it simply is not the case and we have a long way to go in regulating what is actually going on in each long term care facility. Until then you can proceed with caution and remember that you do have options to add on to the current care plan when find and hire a private caregiver. Remember they are you extra eyes and ears, good or bad, it is better to know.

Information and knowledge are power will be your ultimate safety guide. The more people you talk to about their experiences, the more social caregiver groups you join and take part of, the more residences you visit, the more questions you ask, the better off your family will be.

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