How to become a private caregiver for seniors

Have you ever thought of starting your own senior care business?

Each day you wake up and get ready to go to the job that you generally like and get paid. You know that a little surprise or two that will propel you through the day. The people you work with are friendly. The customers you serve are, for the most part, content but do not see a need to connect on any level. Does this describe your current job and where you currently place your energy? If so you could be doing more for yourself, your community and making a good living at the same time. Imagine going to sleep at night, knowing that you are doing your part to help seniors.
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Have you ever wondered when you see a senior with a caregiver in public how they got this job or how much they get paid? Well, you would not be the first person to think this, yet you are the one reading this and will get the answers. The truth is that this job does not have a high level of difficulty, yet it does need a person with a genuine desire to help seniors. A caregiver must possess a certain amount job-related skills to operate a successful senior care business. You can click this link and have a look to see what caregiver traits are necessary on a more detailed level. Above all, you must have patience, like to learn new things, take the initiatives, and communicate well.

 If you are the type of person,  who does the right thing when nobody is watching v.s, the person who only does good when eyes are on you then you might be in the right place.

Your curiosity may be growing at this point. A private caregiver for seniors might be an option for you, and it may be much simpler to start than you thought. You realize that you have the necessary traits required to work with seniors. You could help seniors tomorrow but how and where to put yourself out there is the next step to take. You keep thinking, but I have no experience who will hire me with no experience.

It turns out many families would hire you based on who you are as a person and your natural affinity to be with seniors. Does it surprise you to know that it is as simple as your comfort level with seniors, and how much empathy you possess? Can you do all the things you do for yourself on a personal level for a senior? You could help so many seniors with their daily tasks and offer them a better quality of life.

To start your own private caregiver business, you need a local basic CPR training course. You should take the course regardless of starting your own business helping seniors. You may never know what emergency you may face while on duty as a caregiver. Better to have the appropriate training than not.

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You want to start today, forget in a week, in a month, so why not start right away you ask yourself why not is ?. So many people hold back on perusing a new career, and think they do not have what it takes or that they need years of training and would instead not take a leap of faith. It is never too late to make a change. Seniors and families of senior loved ones need your help immediately, and the demand is high. If this career is something that you find intriguing then keep on reading, we may be able to help you. So many different ways exist for you to put yourself out there and get discovered on local job websites.
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You still have a level of curiosity to know what the expectations of families. You think what it will take for you to be an excellent private caregiver and make the most income possible. Your rate involves several factors, but usually, the range is 15$-40/hour. You should first stand out from your competitors to get the job(s) that you want. You will need to either offer a unique service to what your competitors are offering in your area or take a business model that works and make it better.

Remain authentic to who you are and remember that a senior will always be able to call bullshit from a mile away. Seniors are not interested in spending time with someone who is not present. This business is personal and has many financial benefits, flexibility, and freedom. What more could you want from a job in this world, so go ahead and take steps to become a caregiver. 

You know the value you can add as well as families of senior clients. Beyond the financial benefits, is learning patience, wisdom, and understanding. Senior clients teach you about developing more profound and more meaningful relationships. These lessons often flow into your personal life outside work. You find yourself re-evaluating how you spend your time and want to make the most of it. Seniors teach us so much about the past and how it has shaped our present.

What could be more rewarding than you spending time with a senior who was at one time a school principal, a court judge, stay at home mom of five, book publisher, war veteran, pilot, business owner, engineer, world traveller, musician etc. If you can listen then prepare yourself for exciting, heartwarming stories that will move you.


A caregiver is in a very privileged position and possesses the unique opportunity to hear the original detailed versions of a senior’s stories, life adventures and events. You get to hear and feel the regrets, defeats, but also the successes and accomplishments as well as how they made decisions at tipping points in their lifetime. You are privy to personal and intimate conversations that are special and cherished. 

Getting the attention of people looking for private senior care will depend on your caregiver skills, services that you are offering, job-related experience, your level of professionalism and how you present yourself. The pay range will depend on your area as well as the demand for your services. The more services and value that you offer to seniors and family members, the higher your worth.

When you work in memory care, your pay tends to be higher due to a higher level of skill and experience required. Nothing is stopping you apprenticing with a caregiver who works in memory care. Use your free time if you can not afford the time or money to attend training. You may want to look at training down the road at night, but you can still start right away as a non-medical caregiver.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to becoming a private caregiver. You can take it in any direction, and the opportunities will only continue to grow as the year’s progress. Seniors need you and all that you have to offer. What you don’t know and where to start is often the scariest part. You can get the guidance you need at

Whatever is holding you back, try to put it aside and give this career a try. If it weighs on you and you aren’t sure, then volunteer at a local public seniors residence. See if it moves the needle in your heart and if it does don’t look back. You will never regret spending your time on this earth, serving the seniors in your community.

Working as a private caregiver will pose more responsibility for you, v.s, working for a home care agency. Your caregiver rate is higher when paid privately. Pay starts above min. Wage and can go as high as $40-/hour depending on your location, caregiver

When you decide caregiving is for you, just know in advance that your community appreciates you for making this decision to help seniors! Please share your caregiving journey in the comments below and tell us how you got started. Did you choose caregiving or did it choose you?

How would you like to know more about getting started as a private caregiver?

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