10 steps to find and keep the right caregiver

10 steps to find and keep caregiver

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How do you find the right caregiver for your senior loved one?

Sometimes you can get lucky and stumble upon a wonderful caregiver and other times it is the complete opposite experience. This information will help you save more time, money and energy. 

10 steps to finding a good caregiver

  1. Recruiting private caregivers and where to look, where you should advertise? Click here for free links.

  2. Respond to interested caregiver applicants by email with this caregiver job application form and generate a response template to save time. Include  a more detailed job description, general location, overall expectations of employee and budget.  Research local caregiver wage and offer 2-5$/more per hour.

  3. Sift through caregiver job applications and select potential candidates that can assist with  seniors care needs.

  4. Organize received caregiver job applications based on the date/time it took them to respond to your application request. Take note of written communication skills.

  5. Contact potential caregiver candidates by email and request a 15 min phone interview based on your schedule availability. Keep all notes on performance of each caregiver applicant over the phone and in person using this Questionnaire form for interview FREE (customize each caregiver applicant). Organize files for each caregiver. Each file should contain: Job application, any written communication(i.e emails), interview questionnaire form for the phone/in person interview, References, and background checks. You may need to refer back if your top caregiver selections do not work out.

  6. Once caregiver phone interviews are complete, select the best candidate to interview in person. Set the day and time, the caregiver should be there when requested. Notify the caregiver that a set limit for the interview will be 30-40 minutes.

  7. Screen your caregivers  based on how well the interview went. Here are some questions to ask when considering the applicants. Do not a skip this step, it is a key component in the search. ***Remember caregiver Background checks and References!

  8. Have potential selected caregiver(s)(2-3 max) meet senior for 15-20 mins. A simple brief introduction and short time frame will give your senior loved one enough time to get a good feel for the candidate.

  9. Consider applicants who will agree to a 3 week paid trial-leave your self the room to change your mind.

  10. Send and both sign the agreements. Both parties will have a clear understanding of job related expectations, and protect one another in writing with The Hire a Private Caregiver Kit

It may seem like a long process at first glance but taking the right measures from the beginning can save you time and money in the long run.

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  1. My mother is getting to the point where I don’t think she should live alone. I want to hire a caregiver so she can continue to live at home. Thank you for pointing out that I should interview each candidate that I’m considering. I’ll have to keep this in mind as I search for the best company in my area to get a caregiver from.

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