Complete Digital Guide on ‘How to Start a Senior Care Business’

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This easy to read digital guide provides all the information you need to get a senior care business up and running. It also helps caregivers who have already started but need to know where to look for new clients. 

The author Danielle Foley is an experienced and successful senior care business owner for the last 12 years. She created ´Wise Caregiving’ outside of her care corporation in order to expand her reach to empower people to start a senior care business, help seniors and get paid well. Her mission is to find amazing people that are ready and want to help seniors but do not know where to begin.

Wise Caregiving is here to be a resource for senior care information, and provide the necessary senior care industry tools that caregivers need in order to build a stable senior care business, and grow to its full potential.

How to start a senior care business (non-medical)

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*Included with the ebook are 12 senior care templates to help organize and protect your business, a bonus when you purchase the How to start a senior care business eBook.

caregiving business

Senior care business templates to get you started

  • Senior client information form – Gather detailed information to personalize care
  • Senior care quote template – Professional financial quote for the proposed care needed
  • Job description template – Eliminate the guesswork and put it in writing
  • Terms of senior care service agreement – Customize this form to your business
  • Senior care invoice -Tailored and detailed invoice for the senior care industry
  • Yearly tax receipt for senior care – A year-end statement for seniors care
  • Daily care journal – Always keep the family informed with this detailed form
  • Housekeeping checklist -Safeguard the environment for a senior client with this form
  • Personal hygiene chart – Keep everyone informed involved in the care
  • Caregiver employment agreement – Business expands, and you hire a caregiver
  • Caregiver application form – When you expand your business and need a position filled
  • Pre-Caregiver interview questionnaire – Prepare yourself for the job or to interview a potential caregiver for your senior care company.
  • Caregiver interview questionnaire – Prepare yourself for the job or to interview a potential caregiver for your senior care company.
  • Reference questionnaire
  • HIre a Caregiver checklist

Wise Caregiving is determined to reach, educate, and prepare as many new caregivers to help seniors with their daily needs as possible. We believe by teaching people how to own and operate their very own quality senior business, that we will produce happy care providers.

If are ready to make a change in careers and have thought seriously about starting your own senior care business then let us give you the necessary tools to start as soon as possible. This digital guide is written for private caregivers by an experienced private caregiver who is currently still working for seniors. All the information in this digital guide comes from years of gained knowledge and first hand experience. 

What you learn in this guide is a result of a financially stable and successful senior care business. Find out how to obtain excellent senior clients by learning where to look, how to get their attention, and ultimately capture any job or mandate that you want.

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