10 Ways to market senior care services in 2019/20

The 10 best ways to market Senior Care Services

market senior care services

The most effective way to advertise your senior care services is to make people aware of your passion to help seniors. You need attention!

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Get the word out that you are ‘the’ private caregiver to hire if senior care is needed. You have to let people know you are ready to work, and you need to also stand out from the other local caregivers. Be transparent and share enough detail about yourself and your abilities as a caregiver.preparing meals for seniors

It wasn’t that long ago that having a blackberry meant you were at the top of your game, now fast forward just a few years later and everyone from every age group has an iphone with instant access to information and priority alerts set up.

Even with alerts set up you need to act quickly. If you have the ringer turned off then keep your flash on, and stop whatever you are doing to be the first caregiver to respond to caregiver ads that have potential. 

Most often you will not get an email back right away and usually it is because the person who posted the ad was initially bombarded with messages responding to the ad.

 The amount of caregivers has dramatically increased worldwide. Many people if you asked them 10 years ago they would not have been able to give you an accurate job description of what a caregiver is. Even though the market may seem saturated with homecare companies and private caregivers you need to know that their is still a great need for more. You are a unique person that will be the perfect match to a senior. You can offer specific services that a lot of your competitors do not. If it is a true passion of yours to help seniors then your business will not only last but also take you to a place of limitless success.  

Posting your services everywhere over and over will give a sense of which posts are working and on which site. You will also become familiar to the posts who really need a caregiver. Some ads are a serious call for help in some cases desperate, while others are just putting out feelers as to caregiver options in the area for a later date.

The good news is that over the years the large homecare companies have made a high financial investment over the last ten years to educate the general public on what a caregiver is and how caregivers can be of assistance to seniors on a daily basis as well as long term.

market senior care services

10 ways to stand out as a private caregiver:

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  1. Response time to caregiver post: send a short to the point email just to let the employer know that you take pride in helping seniors, are professional and ready to get to work.
  2. Offer to speak over the phone or meet to discuss the job further.
  3. Correct your spelling and grammar in written communications.
  4. Provide a picture of yourself or video, just be you.
  5. “CAN DO” attitude. Be open and flexible to tasks that need to be done for the senior. Remember the human side to this job and what needs to be done, needs doing.
  6. Be the caregiver who will to clean the house, forget light housekeeping. Save your client money to offset your cost and you will win!
  7. Car and or license, if you don’t have either one well…get one and both are better.
  8. Records on hand: driving, criminal background check etc..
  9. References have to be ready to send.
  10. Call employer if they have a phone number listed. So many people are afraid to pick up a phone and call these days, in some cases it is as simple as calling a potential employer to get the job!

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