Best Seller PPE for private caregivers available on amazon 

ppe for private caregivers

We’ve got you covered! Best ppe (personal protective equipment) for caregivers 

It took companies a while to get in gear to produce the level of ppe needed to face coronavirus, but they stepped up to the plate and delivered. You can now easily purchase the protective equipment needed in order to work with seniors in a safe and caring manner. 

Here is a full list of the most popular purchased ppe for private caregivers that are priced right, and have good reviews.

best ppe for private caregivers

We need to fully protect our seniors who are the most vulnerable population to Covid-19, likewise we need to protect caregivers in order to continue the best care possible for seniors, and reduce the spread of this deadly virus

Health professionals strongly recommend wearing masks. Here is a good starter box of masks. Sign up for automatic renewed delivery of this product to ensure that you never run out!

ppe for private caregivers

In addition to the mask a face shield will protect your entire face against the virus. You can never be too careful! Here is a face shield that has minimal obstruction from a seniors view. Seniors may have vision or hearing issues, so it is really important that they are able to see as much of you as possible.

Here is a pack of face shields which are some of the best in terms of cost, quality, clean lines, and delivery time.

Protect your eyes

The CDC recommends eye protection where worker may be exposed to the virus.

cdc eye infection control

Taken directly from the cdc website

These glasses are a popular choice for comfort, no view restrictions, clean lines, price, and fast delivery

Isolation gowns are your last line of defense for minimizing the exposure risk to Covid-19

Disposable gown

Washable-Reusable gown

Shoe covers for one size fits all

According to the reviews these foot covers fit well for both men and women. They are slip resistant and waterproof. Good value v.s. quantity and price.

Best gloves that are free of powder and latex

Protect your hands in the best way possible with these gloves. They have all the features that a caregiver can ask for and for the right price.

protective gloves

Head covering

Here is a comfortable alternative to bouffant caps with a message of hope

A simple unisex alternative

If you looking for a classic disposable bouffant cap in white, blue, or pink here are the best options

In order to remain as comfortable as possible during a visit with a senior client, you may want to consider what you are wearing. So many private caregivers tend to wear street clothing. It does have its place in certain environments, but if you are visiting a senior in a facility then scrubs might be an appropriate option

These scrubs are comfortable, stylish, practical, and professional for both men and women (you can change the size)

Your private caregiver will greatly appreciate any help with the extra cost of this equipment needed

To all caregivers, or soon to be caregivers:

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