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Private caregiver business for seniors (non-medical)

private caregiver business

Design your own professional private caregiver business

Working with seniors can be a life enriching experience. Bring attention to your passion to help seniors, make a difference in your community, and make good living while you do it. Get the word out that you are ‘the’ private caregiver, or private caregiver business that offer superior senior care services in your area. People in search of caregivers need to see you stand out and get an immediate feeling that you are without a doubt a caregiver worth their time to learn more about what private caregiver business services you have to offer. 

You have to let people know you are eager to work, committed, reliable, loyal, and most important that you are working in this field because you have the utmost respect for your elders. If you can communicate this in your profiles on care sites, and social media then you will automatically stand out from the other local caregivers.

When contacted, be transparent and share enough detail about yourself and your abilities as a caregiver, as well as what makes you unique. One of the most obvious ways for you to be unique is to find out what your local competitors are up to and what they have to offer. Turn their weakness into your strength! 

You can offer your new clients the same conveniences such as a terms of service agreement, care assessment, job description, visit reports, invoicing, and taking care of your own payroll tax and deductions. To top it all off you can offer a year end statement breaking down month by month your service costs for them to present to their accountant. This year end statement will be key sales point when it comes to applicable senior tax deductions and direct credits, why? because what it means is that even after you are paid your rate in full, your overall hourly rate could be less for the senior client after deductions. 

Your responsibility as a caregiver will be register your non-medical senior care business,  keep files/paperwork organized, send paperwork when required to your clients/ government, as well as see an accountant once a year. If all caregivers knew how simple this is, more would be doing it which is the reason Wise Caregiving was born, to help as many caregivers as possible see their own potential.

In order to have an exceptional private caregiver business you must have good communication, physical strength, endurance, patience, resourcefulness, creativity, awareness, kindness, attention to detail, good common sense, and willingness to take initiative. 

Caregiver entrepreneur characteristics

private caregiving business

In many cases, however, an individual must rely upon himself until he achieves a certain degree of success. Considering this, the characteristics of an entrepreneur include being a hard worker and having strong multi-tasking abilities.

A successful caregiver entrepreneur will also be able to recognize opportunities and possess the fearlessness to act on them if they are appropriate. Being an entrepreneur generally requires good communication skills. A person needs to be able to inform others of her ideas, talents, and efforts.

*See what the successful entrepreneurs have to say…

Caregiver Entrepreneur

Attributes of an excellent caregiver:

  • Self starter
  • Trustworthy
  • Punctual
  • Patient
  • Possess good verbal and written communication skills
  • Adaptable to new situations and environments
  • Good listener
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • Multi-tasker
  • Organized
  • Physical strong
  • Resourceful
  • Creative
  • Kind
  • Detail oriented

If you are an entrepreneur and someone who wants to start a private caregiver business you now have access to essential industry templates that are polished and professional. These documents will impress your clients and protect you and your clients in your senior care business.

*Example of what a professional senior care invoice should look like when you offer quality private caregiver business services.

Senior care invoice

senior care invoice

These standard forms, agreements, questionnaires, charts, checklists spreadsheets define a big part of your success as a caregiver and the sustainability of your caregiving business. Be taken seriously in the non medical home health industry and demonstrate a strong level of professionalism.

Start a senior care

How to Start a senior care business Guide PDF-Wise Caregiving (2)

how to start a senior care business guide and templates-TOC

24 Templates Included with Guide:

📂 Senior client intake form
📂 Senior care information form
📂 Senior Fall risk assessment form
📂 Home care quote
📂 Caregiver job description
📂 Home care service agreement
📂 Caregiver visit report
📂 Senior housekeeping chart
📂 Senior hygiene care chart
📂 Senior care invoice
📂 Hire caregiver checklist
📂 Caregiver employment application
📂 Pre-interview caregiver questionnaire
📂 Caregiver interview questionnaire
📂 Caregiver reference check questionnaire
📂 Caregiver employment agreement
📂 Caregiver employment contract
📂 Need caregiver post template
📂 Home care tax receipt
📂 COVID-19 Senior visit health form
📂 Senior transport agreement
📂 Home care competitor questionnaire
📂 Home care bookkeeping checklist
📂 Senior home Safety Checklist (private home/residence)
🆕 Weekly Food and Hydration Chart