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Caregiver Employment Agreement-PDF Fillable Form (Digital/Printable)- eSignature! Eco friendly


Essential part of the caregiver hiring process!

Invaluable for both the employer and the employee as it provides a written account of the agreement between the parties and affords the parties a clearer understanding of their duties, responsibilities and obligations to each other. It is so important to have a written caregiver employment agreement completed and signed before the care mandate begins.

Go over the terms of the caregiver employment agreement template, including hours and wages, to confirm what was originally agreed upon during the caregiver interview.

Any other details should be discussed at this point such as; vacations, holidays, your policy for absences/lateness and, the amount of time either of you should allow when you cancel a visit. Go through the contract together, and be clear on what duties you expect to be complete during and after each visit.

How can this template help you?

⭐ Clarity of job expectations
⭐ Improves communication with care team
⭐ Accountability of care team member(s)
⭐ Quick access to information
⭐ Avoids confusion
⭐ Document uniformity
⭐ Avoid liabilities🔒
⭐ Peace of mind

Why is this template so useful?

✔️ Master File – ADOBE PDF Fillable Form (HYBRID-use both printed or digital format) Eco Friendly
✔️ Formatting will not change when information is entered in fields
✔️ Fill out form digitally/manually
✔️ Digital Signature (eSignature)
✔️ Send electronically!
✔️ Printable 🖨️

📥 Download, save master copy and start using the form immediately!


Easy and Ready to use ‘Caregiver Employment Agreement’! This form is already formatted and can not be changed by anyone who uses it!

Caregiver Employment Agreement-pdf fillable form-senior care-pdf fillable HYBRID (1)

Get all the employment details in writing before the senior care mandate begins! This form can be used electronically and eSigned for speed and convenience.

Caregiver Employment Agreement-preview 1

caregiver agreement-two page preview 1

caregiving agreement

caregiver employment digital contract

digital signature

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caregiver employment agreement form template-wisecaregiving

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