Fall Risk Assessment Form


Fall risk assessment form template

Essential to any senior care business is a good fall risk assessment form. Wise caregiving has created a template that covers what you need to know before take on any new clients, develop a care plan, and what your rate will be. This reusable template can be downloaded and then customized to each senior.

Very easy to fill in digitally, or manually. Great digital option.

This template is perfect for:

⭐ Home Care / Home Health Agencies
⭐ Private / Independent caregivers

How can this template help?

⭐ Client selection process
⭐ Help determine the care rate
⭐ Improves communication with care team
⭐ Accountability among staff and clients
⭐ Quick access to client information
⭐ Administrative uniformity throughout your business
⭐ Master files are yours to keep
⭐ Document form-fill repetition saves time
⭐ Avoid liability issues🔒

Main Features:

✔️ Reusable (master file)
✔️ Easy to edit form
✔️ Form fill digitally
✔️ Print to PDF

✔️ Print🖨️

📥 Download and use immediately!


Evaluate new clients with this professional fall risk assessment form

Customize this template to each of your senior clients

This fall risk assessment form will help you get to know your client and their exact care needs while you or your hired caregivers are on duty. Another benefit is that template will assist you with determining if the mandate falls under non-medical care.  It is essential to know what the job entails before committing.  

If your rate is variable based on level of care, then you will need all the information that you can gather before finalizing your rate and care plan.

senior fall risk assessment

senior fall risk assessment form template

Senior fall risk assessment form template-wise caregiving

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