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Right now is the perfect time to hire a private caregiver during the global pandemic. Keep your senior loved one(s) safe at home surrounded by a small care provider bubble. When you reduce the amount of care workers, you reduce the spread. Take a look at this new Hire a Private Caregiver Guide which also includes 16 senior care templates to help with the logistics of hiring privately. 

“Hiring the best private caregiver for your senior loved one(s) can be a very safe, and easy process with the right help” Danielle Foley – Private Caregiver & Senior care business owner

Stay safe!


Professional way to hire a private caregiver with the ‘Hire a Private Caregiver Template Pack’  

Hire the best caregiver-wise caregiving

Everything you need to hire a private caregiver in this digital PDF guide book, including 16 reusable templates that you can customize

If you, like many other families, are concerned about the risk of your senior loved one(s) contracting the COVID-19 virus from their residence or from a home care agency, then you are in the right place. There is no better time than now, to hire a private caregiver. When you hire privately, you will greatly reduce the chance of the virus spreading. 

The ‘digital’ guide book will lead you quickly through each necessary step to find, screen, and employ a quality caregiver. 

The guide includes 16 digital templates for you and your caregiver to use such as; forms, charts, excel docs, and agreements in the download. These templates will keep you organized and protected. The ‘hire a private caregiver template pack’ is a wonderful tool if you are new to this process of finding and hiring a person to provide senior care assistance. It is also useful if you are going through a negative experience finding the right caregiver for your senior loved one(s). Our aim is to help you find a quality caregiver that is kind, patient, committed, and professional.

Step by step digital PDF guide book on how to hire a private caregiver and templates

Hire a Private Caregiver Package ✅Updated! (Nov.1, 2020)

16 Templates included:

  • Hire a private caregiver checklist
  • Caregiver employment application form
  • Caregiver job description form
  • Senior care information form
  • Caregiver employment agreement (long form)
  • Caregiver employment contract (short form)
  • Pre-interview questionnaire 
  • Caregiver interview questionnaire
  • Reference check questionnaire 
  • Daily senior care journal
  • Housekeeping checklist
  • Personal hygiene chart
  • Senior care invoice 
  • Caregiver job post sample (copy and paste)
  • Tax receipt for senior care
  • Covid-19 Screening caregiver form 🆕

full money back guarantee-wise caregiving

planning senior care

It is so important to select the right private caregiver from the very beginning.

  • Ask the right interview questions (Interview questionnaire provided in download)
  • Obtain background information on previous experience (reference check questionnaire) 
  • Go through a simple screening process 
  • Meet caregiver in person / Video phone chat
  • Obtain background information on previous experience (reference check questionnaire) 
  • Senior should meet caregiver (only if possible)

***Take the appropriate steps in the hiring process to avoid countless complications, heartache and conflict.  

You will learn how to naturally attract serious hard working caregivers that are ready to invest time in responding to your job post. If you take all the steps that are suggested in the guide book then quality caregivers will come to you!

Preview the Templates

1. Hire a private caregiver checklist template:

2. Private caregiver job post sample- Copy and paste!

Great guideline to quickly get you started when you post your senior care job.  

Sample Caregiver Job Post-preview

3. Private  caregiver employment application form template:

  • Custom designed application form to send to potential caregiver candidates.
  • Help narrow your caregiver search and find the perfect match.

Caregiver Employment Application Form Template

Caregiver Employment Application Form

4. Pre-Interview caregiver template: (send by email)

When you receive and review all caregivers, select the ones you feel will be the best fit for the position. Simply send this form with a reply deadline. See which caregivers still qualify after this round of screening. This simple yet effective form will eliminate caregiver candidates and save you time in the next step which is the full virtual, or in person interview.

5. Full private caregiver interview template: (in person / virtually)

  • Get to know your potential caregiver candidates more in detail with these prepared questions.
  • You can add, edit, or delete parts of this questionnaire
  • Digitally form-fill, or print this form
  • Remember to follow up with references to cross check these responses.

Caregiver Interview Questionnaire-preview-zoom

Caregiver Interview Questionnaire-preview-zoom

6. Reference check questionnaire template:

Reference Check Questionnaire Form Template

7. Private caregiver job description template:

This form is important to fill out and have on hand after you hire a private caregiver. You can auto-fill digitally, or manually fill out the form.

  • The detail instructions in this form helps to ensure that the first few visits for both the senior client and caregiver provide an easier transition.
  • Job expectations are clear, and as a result avoid confusion.  By avoiding confusion, you can greatly reduce the level of stress.
  • When a caregiver enters a senior home and know what to do while visiting it helps the bonding process.
  • If certain tasks need to be completed in or around the residence, the senior will not have to describe the details of what to do.

*It is a good idea on the first visit to take the caregiver around the residence and go over the job description form once more

Caregiver Job Description Form Template

Caregiver Job Description Form Template-preview-zoom

8. Senior care information form template:

  • 10-page fillable form (all details needed for required care)
  • You can print out or digitally fill out send and save this form
  • This form is a valuable source of information for Doctors and Specialists when a caregiver takes a senior to an appointment
  • Important information to have access to in a medical emergency

*Should your caregiver need important information quickly, the digital format of this form can be accessed using a computer, phone, or tablet. 

Senior Care Information Form Template-preview-zoom

senior care information form template

9. Private caregiver employment agreement template: (long form)

Protect yourself the same way home care agencies do when you hire a private caregiver. 

  • Clarifies job duties and a schedule to follow when private caregiver services are provided.
  • Everything this document covers in writing:
    • All fees
    • Expenses
    • Reimbursements
    • Transport of senior
    • Payment terms
    • Lateness
    • Sick days/personal days
    • Vacation
    • Grounds for terminating service
  • You can reuse and customize this form 100%
    • Add, delete, or modify however you like 

Caregiver Employment Agreement

Caregiver Employment Agreement

10. Caregiver employment contract template: (short form)

  • Form fill / print and fill out manually
  • Customize this form (Add or delete fields)

Caregiver Employment Contract Template-preview

11. Senior care invoice template:

This invoice is specifically for the senior care service industry. Send this template to your caregiver!

  • All digital fields can be added, edited, or removed.
  • Formulas plugged in already! of invoice and how to modify fields on the side of each invoice in Excel spreadsheet
  • Our technical IT assistant can answer any of your questions by email and help you with any changes that need to be made with this invoice template.
  • Easily add local tax rates if applicable.
  • If you are going to hire a private caregiver, this senior invoice template keeps all the senior private caregiver costs in order and up to date.
  • Simply send this downloadable template to your caregiver to use for future billing.

How it works

non medical senior care invoice

12. Tax receipt for senior care template: (Monthly/Yearly)

  • Simple and organized way for your accountant to see the yearly caregiver service cost
  • Keeps accountant cost down by saving time, and efforts can be focused on applicable senior tax credits.
  • You can send this form to your caregiver to fill out or complete it yourself.
  • Fields will automatically calculate
  • Simply enter invoice amounts for each month

Yearly tax receipt for senior care template

13. Daily senior care journal template:

  • Stay involved and informed with this daily form
  • Good way to keep track in the event any medical issues should arise

Daily senior care journal-fill out after caregiver visit

14. Housekeeping checklist template:

  • Helps keep house tasks organized (If they were done, and when they were completed)
  • Work efficiently (set days)
  • Safeguard seniors living area (safety is primary concern)
  • Save time from unnecessary communication 
  • Home remains a comfortable place to stay for senior(s)

housekeeping checklist for senior's home

15. Personal hygiene chart template:

  • Both the care team and your private caregiver will have the clear information that they need in order to properly care for and meet all the daily needs of the senior.

Basic ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) consist of self-care tasks that include:

ADL's of senior living

  • Bathing and showering
  • Personal hygiene and grooming (including brushing/combing/styling hair)
  • Dressing
  • Toilet hygiene (getting to the toilet, cleaning oneself, and getting back up)
  • Functional mobility
  • Self-feeding

This chart is crucial when a care team of more than one person is in place who are responsible for the care of a senior. This chart is not only useful for seniors living at home, but also if your private caregiver is assisting a senior who lives in a facility and provides additional care. 

personal hygiene chart for seniors

16. COVID-19 Screening caregiver form template [home care visit]:🆕

COVID-19 Screening caregiver form

hiring caregiver templates

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