How to Start Senior Care Business Guide & 50+ Templates


Learn How to Start a Senior Care Business in 2021-2022

Make a good living providing an essential service in your own community! Now more than ever is the right time to create your own job and financial stability

Watch out 2021! Wise Caregiving is ready to teach, and direct you on how to start a senior care business. This starter kit is everything you need for all basic senior care information, and marketing tools in order to have the most successful venture possible. This guide is practical, straight forward, and the information can be applied worldwide 🌎

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Now is the perfect time to start a senior care business!

The pandemic has given all of us a chance to stop, take stalk, and move forward in a new direction!

It has taken years, and first hand experience to put together this ‘How to Start a Senior Care Business’ guide and templates that are fully customizable. This easy to read step-by-step and well laid out guide will take you through the complete startup process-including what vendors to go with to save time and money! 

Right now, it is the best time in history to start your own senior care business with the “Baby Boomers” who will need more support at home in just 2-3 years!! Get in now and be ready for your business to soar to new heights!  

My name is Danielle Foley and I am a trusted and experienced senior care business owner for the last 12 + years. I created ´’ outside of my full-time senior care corporation to reach beyond my own business globally!. My goal is to help people like you who are serious and want to learn how to start a senior care business. 

How to Start a Senior Care Business Guide

how to start a senior care business cover of guide book

how to start a senior care business guide and templates-TOC

📁 50+ Essential Senior Care Business Templates (WORD-EXCEL-ADOBE PDF FILLABLE)

✔️ Home Care Service Plan
✔️ Senior Client Intake Form
✔️ Care Assessment Report -One Sheet Quick Overview
✔️ Care Assessment Report -Complete Assessment-Long Format
✔️ Senior Care Information Form-Client Profile w/ Photo
✔️ Senior Fall Risk Assessment Form-Detailed Format
✔️ Incident Report for home care employees
✔️ Caregiving Service and Fees Information-One Sheet to Present Potential Customers w/ Photo
✔️ Proposal Letter-Home Care Service-For New Clients
✔️ Proposal Letter-Home Care Service-Organizations and Health Facilities
✔️ Home Care Service Quote-Formal
✔️ Caregiver Job Description Form
✔️ Caregiver Time Sheet Weekly
✔️ Home Care Service Agreement
✔️ Senior Housekeeping Chart
✔️ Senior Personal Care-Hygiene Chart
✔️ Senior care invoice-Professional and Detailed
✔️ Hire a Caregiver Checklist-Quick Guide
✔️ Caregiver Application Form
✔️ Pre-Interview Caregiver Questionnaire-Pre-Screening
✔️ Caregiver Interview Questionnaire
✔️ Caregiver Reference Check Questionnaire-What to ask Previous Employers
✔️ Home Care Job Offer Letter
✔️ Home Care Job Acceptance Letter
✔️ Caregiver Employment Agreement- Long format
✔️ Caregiver Employment Contract-Short Format- Good for Temp Workers
✔️ Caregiver Job Posting-Ad Sample-Copy and Paste
✔️ Home Care Tax Receipt for Senior Care Services-Send to Clients
✔️ COVID-19 Senior Visit Health Care Form-Includes Vaccination Information
✔️ Senior Non-Medical Transport  Agreement-Caregiver and Senior Client Outings
✔️ Home Care Competitor Call Script-Know How to Stand Out
✔️Home Care  Bookkeeping Checklist- Stay Organized and Pay Less Taxes
✔️ Senior Home Safety Checklist-Client Home Overview
✔️ Daily Food Log-Meal Tracker
✔️ Senior Community Services Contact List-Professionals who are a part of the Care Team
✔️ Emergency Medical Information Sheet
✔️ Client Progress Notes
✔️ Caregiving Daily Checklist (Caregiver Journal/Log of visit)
✔️ Employee Non-Compete Agreement
✔️ Proof of Income and Employment Letter for Employees
✔️ Final Employment Warning Letter
✔️ Termination of Employment Notice
✔️ Home Care Service Price Increase Letter
✔️ End of Life Wishes Form
✔️ Medical File Log- (2 Sizes-Letter + A4)
✔️ Medication List-(Letter + A5)
✔️ Weekly Medication Tracker
✔️ Monthly Medication Tracker
✔️ Medical Contacts
✔️ Vitamin Supplement List

PLUS+++ 5 PDF FILLABLE ADOBE FORMS (Download FREE VERSION of Adobe Reader on any device to use files)

✔️ Care Assessment Report-PDF Fillable
✔️ Caregiver Employment Application-PDF Fillable
✔️ Caregiver Time Sheet (weekly)- PDF Fillable
✔️ Caregiving Daily Checklist-PDF Fillable
✔️ Monthly Medication Tracker-PDF Fillable

How can these templates help?

⭐ Client selection
⭐ Employee selection
⭐ Improves communication
⭐ Accountability
⭐ Quick access to client information
⭐ Administrative uniformity
⭐ Ask the important questions
⭐ Repetitive form filling saves time
⭐ Assessment of liabilities
⭐ Clarification of caregiver tasks
⭐ Setting boundaries
⭐ Simplified accounting
⭐ Demonstrate professionalism
⭐ Save money
⭐ Avoid liabilities🔒

Main Features:

✔️ Master Files – WORD & EXCEL & ADOBE
✔️ Easy to edit forms
✔️ PDF Fillable Forms
✔️ WORD files ready to convert in ADOBE pdf fillable form

✔️ Simple to change any excel formula
✔️ Form fill digitally/manually
✔️ Print to PDF
✔️ Send electronically!

✔️ 🖨️ Unlimited Printing!
🌎 Use anywhere in the world!


  • Instructions on how to create an electronic signature
  • Why a home care service plan is important
  • How to extract and UNZIP your Files Step by Step

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Show new clients, family members of seniors, curators, and trustees that you are a business owner that is organized, dependable, accountable ready to serve!

Let’s get started!

I can promise you that will never regret the decision to help seniors. It was by far one of the best decisions that I have made in my life! It is your turn to change your life and watch the results unfold!

“I wish I had this guide and templates when I started my business, and that is the reason why I created it! I want you to experience a less expensive start-up than I did.  My goal is to help as many seniors in the world, and the best way to do that is to share my experience & knowledge. I look forward to helping you get started in your own business!!”

Danielle Foley, Wise Caregiving

Are you with me? Are you ready to start your new senior care business?


Learn How to Start a Senior Care Business from a Professional

how to start a senior care business guide book and templates-wise caregiving

how to start a senior care business cover of guide book

how to start a senior care business guide and templates-TOC

Included with ‘How to Start a Senior Care Business’ guide are 50+ essential business templates

Get your business it up and running in no time, and stay organized and protected while in operation🔒

Senior Care Business Templates-wise caregiving (2)


Senior Client Intake Form:

Time is precious when you are overseeing all operations of your senior care business. Spend your valuable time laser focused on vetting and qualifying prospects to determine if they align with your ideal client profile.

Senior Client Intake Form-sample

senior client intake form

Senior care information form template-client profile: 

After your first meeting family meeting to discuss your new senior client this is a professional way to collect personal information.

senior care information-client profile

senior care information form-client profile-full preview

Senior fall risk assessment form: 

Assess potential client(s) and the degree of liability if you decide to take on the senior care mandate.

Senior Fall Risk Assessment-sample

Senior Fall Risk Assessment

Senior Care Assessment template(detailed):

Professional and clear assessment to create a senior care plan and what your company will be charging for the required senior care services.

senior care assessment-sample

senior care assessment-full preview-sample

Senior home safety checklist: (private home/residence)

Caregiver job description form:

A detailed caregiver job description is one of the most important documents to have on hand as a reference to what the expectations are between the senior care business owner, and the new care worker employee. The family member in charge of the senior’s care will be able to take part in filling out what the caregiver’s on the job duties will be. It is certain that care needs will change over time, and so to will the expectations of the family. Make a point to review the job description every 3-6 months. 

caregiver job description-sample

caregiver job description-full preview-sample

Home care service agreement (Terms of Service Agreement):

Have your new client, or family member in charge of senior care sign this agreement before the care mandate begins!  

Agreement includes hourly or set rate fees, expenses, reimbursements for outings, transporting senior, cancellation policy,  payment terms, and grounds for termination of service. You can customize this document to your own business. This signed document is a protection and clarity for the service your company provides.

home care service agreement-sample preview home care service agreement-sample

Senior care invoice template: 

Senior care invoice-bi-weekly

Tailored and detailed invoice for a senior care business (home health care agencies). 

This senior care specific invoice covers all the details of each caregiver visit. The spreadsheet formulas are ready to use and can be changed very easily by plugging in your custom numbers on the side panel of the excel sheet-the formula’s are all done. No fuss and way less stress when it comes time to invoicing!

⭐Instructions provided to the side of the document. You can enter tax rates and mileage/km’s amounts for outings in side column, and they will automatically adjust on the invoice.

Home care tax receipt for senior care services:

home care tax receipt-sample

Senior hygiene care chart template:

senior personal care-hygiene chart-sample

Senior housekeeping chart template:

senior housekeeping chart-sample

Hire caregiver checklist template:

Caregiver employment application form:

This form can be printed or filled out digitally. Your can also place this form into your contact form on your website for interested caregiver candidates to fill out, UPLOAD, and click SEND! Great screening tool before you invest time in a full caregiver interview.

caregiver application Form-sample

caregiver application form-full preview sample

Pre-interview caregiver questionnaire template:

Pre-Interview Questionnaire Form-preview of template-wise caregiving

Caregiver interview questionnaire template:

Ask the most important questions during a full interview with the help from this questionnaire form.

caregiver interview-sample

Caregiver Interview-full preview of template-wise caregiving

Caregiver reference check questionnaire form template:

Make sure to know the background of all your care worker employees! This form is both important to your company’s security, your senior clients, and the families of the senior clients. Your care workers are the heart and soul of your business, make sure you know them enough before you hire them.

Caregiver Reference Check Form Template-wise caregiving

Caregiver employment agreement template:

The important agreement form is between your senior care company and your new caregiver employee. A clear and detailed agreement tailored to senior care.

caregiver employment agreement-sample

caregiver employment agreement-full preview-sample

Caregiver employment contract (Simplified version):

Caregiver contract preview-wisecaregiving

COVID-19 Senior visit health form for care workers: 

covid-19 form-sample

Senior transport agreement template: 

senior transport agreement-sample senior transport agreement-full preview sample

Home care competitor questionnaire: 

Find out what the local competitors offer so you know what to offer! Have your scenario in mind and use the same one for each call so that you can make direct comparison between them all. This step is often over looked, or not even thought of but the bank, and private investors in your company will expect this as a part of your market research.

Senior Care Competitor Questionnaire-preview of template-wise caregiving

Senior Care Competitor Questionnaire-full preview of template-wise caregiving

Home Care bookkeeping checklist for senior care business (registered / incorporated): 

Home Care Bookkeeping Checklist Template-wise caregiving

Sample job post template:

Need caregiver post-wise caregiving.docx

Food and Hydration Chart:

food log-sample


REVIEW-senior care business template

Review-Caregiver Employment Application Form-PDF Fillable HYBRID-Fill _ Etsy

Home Health Care Business Forms review


Those were just a few of the senior care templates! 

Top 5 Reasons to Start a Business-wise caregiving-fb ad

Are you ready to start a senior care business today? We are ready to help you!


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