Mattress Pad Protector for Seniors

Best mattress pad protector for senimattress pad for seniorsors sold on amazon


Best waterproof mattress pad protector for seniors 

Waterproof sheet and mattress pad protector 34” x 52”

mattress pad protector-amazon

  • Pad protector keeps sheets dry and protected overnight or during daily naps 

  • Holds up to 8 cups of liquid, Keeps skin safe and protected.

  • Comfortable soft quilted cotton/polyester top surface and vinyl waterproof non slip barrier.

  • Oversized lengthwise or horizontal – 52 inches long this mattress pad protector provides maximum protection.

  • Very absorbent and locks in moisture for the best dryness protection and comfort.

  • Certified by a third party independent lab to be free of lead, cadmium, mercury.

  • REUSABLE – 300 wash cycles. They are washer and dryer friendly

  • Economical and environmentally conscious solution to disposable options

  • I highly recommend this mattress pad protector for seniors for its quality and price. You can purchase a variety of sizes through the amazon link for all senior care needs.