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Wise caregiving mission

Wise Caregiving is determined to reach, educate, and prepare as many new caregivers to help seniors with their daily needs as possible. We believe by teaching people how to own and operate their very own successful senior business, that we will not only provide more access to care for seniors, but also boost the economy with more self-employed senior care workers.


18 Essential senior care business templates

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Senior care industry forms and documents that can be 100% customized to each client. Have the confidence, professionalism and protection required to operate a successful senior care business.

Senior Care Business Templates

Right now, it is the best time in history to start your own senior care business. Why not enter with a sense of confidence and knowledge from the people already working in the field. Prepare to impress your new clients with these professional senior care business forms, questionnaires, and document templates.

You can customize these tailored templates to your own senior care business. Show your clients, family members of clients, curators, and trustees that you are a business owner that is organized, dedicated and accountable for all areas of your senior care business.

If you are currently operating a senior care business and need assistance with the logistics, then this a perfect solution for you.

18 Senior Care Templates Included: All Updated Sept, 2020

If you plan to hire caregivers to work under your company, you will need all of the following templates:

  • Senior information form
  • Fall risk assessment tool 🆕
  • Senior care quote template
  • Caregiver job description form
  • Terms of senior care service agreement
  • Daily care journal
  • Housekeeping Checklist
  • Personal hygiene chart
  • Senior care invoice 
  • Hiring a caregiver checklist 
  • Caregiver application form
  • Pre-interview questionnaire form
  • Caregiver interview questionnaire form
  • Reference check questionnaire form
  • Caregiver employment agreement (long form)
  • Caregiver employment contract (short form)
  • Caregiver job posting sample-looking to hire caregivers
  • Tax receipt for senior care services 

Both the word documents as well as the Excel spreadsheets can be altered, added too or parts removed. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with any of our forms or excel formulas. 

*All documents are reusable templates that can be form filled digitally electronically, or printed and filled out manually.

Preview of some of the templates in download pack…

Fall risk assessment tool: 🆕

fall risk assessment tool for senior care

Caregiver interview questionnaire template:
Perfect for reviewing questions before entering an interview or for when you decide to hire employees and need a format to follow.

Caregiver Interview Questionnaire-preview-zoom


Caregiver Interview Questionnaire-preview-zoom

Here is a preview of just some the senior care business templates that you will receive in this download…

Senior care information form:
10 page document with all the form-fill information fields you will need for each of your senior client(s). This document can be printed out or filled out digitally and saved on any device. This document gives you access to the information from your phone, tablet or computer and is a great tool in a medical emergency or appointment where more information is required.

Senior Care Information Form Template-preview-zoom


Senior Care Information Form Template-preview


Senior care service quote:
After your first meeting with a potential employer this is the perfect and professional way to follow up. Demonstrate your note taking and listening skills.

Senior Care Service Quote-preview


Caregiver job description:

Fill out this caregiver job description before you start with new senior client(s). Obtain job expectations in writing. Once you sign your terms of service agreement you can safely ask for more information required for the care position.

This simple yet detailed form can provide a stress free transition for a senior. Your first few visits with senior client(s) will be much more impressive and productive. Have key information on hand and deliver results in order to best serve.

Caregiver Job Description Form Template-preview-zoom

Caregiver Job Description Form Template


Terms of senior care service agreement:

Protect the senior care that you provide. Show your new employer or client a new level of professionalism with this senior care industry specific template. This document clarifies all expectations while on duty as a caregiver for seniors or care agency provider.

Agreement includes hourly or set rate fees, expenses, reimbursements for outings, transporting senior, cancellation policy,  payment terms, and grounds for termination of service.

Terms of Senior Care Service Agreement Template-preview-zoom


Senior care invoice (EXCEL):
Simply fill in or customize this invoice template, send and get paid! This invoice is tailored specifically for private caregivers and people starting home care businesses. Detailed fields with calculations included. All fields can be added, edited, or removed. Technical assistance is provided by the IT technical assistant 24/7 via email. Tax rates can also be applied (custom to your location). This invoice is what clients expect to receive when paying for premium fees for quality caregiver services.

⭐Instructions provided to the side of the document. You can enter tax rates and mileage/km’s amounts for outings in side column, and they will automatically adjust on the invoice.

senior care invoice


Tax receipt for senior care services:
Provides a simple and organized way for your employer and accountant to see the total amount for senior care services rendered, as well as reimbursements throughout the year, by each month. 

Tax Receipt for Senior Care Template-preview

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senior care business templates