So what is caregiving exactly?

what is caregiving

What is caregiving defined; a person who provides care to another person. At Wise Caregiving we focus on non-medical private senior care. A caregiver for seniors helps with daily tasks (ADL’s-Activities of Daily Living).

There are two types of caregivers:

  • Formal caregivers for seniors are paid  in exchange for care services provided.
  • Informal caregivers are family and friends who provide care without financial compensation.

To be a caregiver for the elderly means you provide emotional support, personal hygiene assistance, housekeeping, transportation, and social interaction. 

senior care services-hire a private caregiver

List of caregiving services


Assistance getting to the grocery store or making an online order. Everyday chores such as grocery shopping can be overwhelming for seniors. A senior will tend to plan the whole day around a a simple trip to the grocery store. A caregiver can assist with this task and take all the stress out of what may seem like a complicated and draining event.


Retail stores
✔️Dry cleaners


A caregiver can be your set of eyes and ears at an appointment, likewise he/she can request to record audio, or ask the medical professional to send you a summary of findings to you by email.

✔️Beauty & Spa


✔️Wiping down all touched surfaces with alcohol 70%+
✔️Mop Floors
✔️Vacuum Floors / Sofa / Drapes
✔️Clean and disinfect bathroom
✔️Wipe down kitchen area

Bathing & Grooming 

✔️In and out of bath
✔️Cut finger & toe nails
✔️Cleaning teeth/dentures
✔️Assistance with toilet/diapers
✔️Brushing hair
✔️Apply make-up
✔️Apply moisturizer

Meal planning for seniors-wisecaregiving

Meal Prep 

Same day preparation or advanced preparation.

✔️Serve breakfast, lunch, supper, or snack
✔️Set up table for next meal
✔️Cook and freeze 1-2 portion meals-label-reheat as needed
✔️Purchase pre-made meals that can be frozen

Exercise with Senior 

✔️Golf range

Pet Care 

✔️Daily walks
✔️Changing litters
✔️Replenishing food
✔️Veterinary appointments

Senior outings  

✔️Gala dinners
✔️Religious services
✔️Scenic drive 

Caregivers lend eyes and ears to family members. In some cases, family members do not live near their senior loved one(s). Most family members who are a part of the “sandwich generation”, are caught between the stresses of caring for their aging parent, as well as their own children, and career. They require additional resources to help care for their senior loved one(s).  

Families place a lot of trust in the hands of hired private caregivers to provide support, stability, and security to their senior loved one(s). 

A private caregiver’s greatest asset is how well he or she communicates with family members to keep them well informed after each visit. It will also help alert the family of any obvious changes in behavior, or mental state. 

Now, more than ever, caregivers are in demand with the increasingly large aging population. Wise Caregiving can navigate you through the process of starting your senior care business, or simply improving your day to day operations in your current business.

How to Start a Senior Care business

how to start a senior care business guide book and templates-wise caregiving


Senior Care Business Templates

Senior Care Business Templates-wise caregiving (2)

Sold separately 


Are you in the process of hiring a private caregiver for a senior loved one and need some guidance?

Hire a Private Caregiver Guide and Templates

Full Package

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Hire a Private Caregiver Guide also includes essential templates

The ‘Hire a private caregiver guide’ also includes 22 professional senior care templates

✔️ Hire caregiver checklist
✔️ Senior Care Requirements
✔️ Caregiver employment application form

✔️ Caregiver job description form
✔️ Senior care information form
✔️ Caregiver employment agreement (long form)
✔️ Caregiver employment contract (short form)
✔️ Pre-interview caregiver questionnaire
✔️ Caregiver interview questionnaire
✔️ Caregiver reference check questionnaire
✔️ Senior housekeeping chart
✔️ Senior hygiene care chart
✔️ Senior care invoice
✔️ Looking for caregiver job post template
✔️ Tax receipt for senior care
Covid-19 Senior visit health form
✔️ Senior home Safety checklist (private home/residence)
✔️ Daily Food log
✔️ Senior community services contact list
✔️ End-of-Life wishes information sheet
✔️ Emergency medical information
✔️ Caregiving daily checklist
✔️ Caregiving daily checklist (ADOBE Fillable Form)


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